Wonderflex over foam and other questions


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Hey I´am new to the Rpf, and a complete novice considering cosplay. Been looking around the forum, and your work is a simple inspiration to the others, including me. Now I wanted to start with foam and pepakura, as it appeared to be the easiest way of working, and used JF custom foams template for it (Basically a pair of shin guards).

Now my questions are the following:
I´ve finished the shin guards 90%, yet I´ve noticed many dents in it, making it look really ugly (just can´t cut the angles right). I´ve read that caulker or filler could fix this yet I´ve also discovered, that a online shop here in my town sells wonderflex. Would it be wise to apply it over my foam model? I´ve used 12mm eva foam sheets by the way. In tutorials, people tend to apply wonderflex only over thin 5 or 2mm craft foam (and also only over a single part, not a whole model) So thats what I was wondering about.

Another question is, whether I would need to use fibreglass mats/cloths if pepping pepakura models with Epoxy resin. I´ve seen Cereal Kill3r Studios pepping a model without mats or cloths. Yet he had a different brand of Epoxy Resin (Epoxamite 100 with 101 Hardener) while mine is a 421 Epoxy Resin from Norski (brand name). I guess the number stands for the mixing ratio. Yet is there any particular difference?

Hope you can help me. Thanks