Wonder Woman tiara (with the intent to make the full costume)


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So I have posted this in the sculpture thread as well but i wanted to put it here because I eventually intend to make the full costume which means it belongs here as much as there.

I have taken influence for this mainly from Alex Ross' WW and the WW from the TV show Young Justice
Alex Ross' WW Young Justice WW

I've always thought that Ross' take on the character is the perfect vision of her and the Young Justice WW, I think is a great simple adaptation.

I also want to add some art deco style details to it and also some classic elements coming from ancient Greek influences.

I hope you like what I get done, please feel free to give advice and anything you think might be helpful

Rough clay outline and into some more precise stuff

This is what I'm up to know, much finer detail, still needs some serious smoothing though. I am going to add the stat in later with via a separate mold.
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