Wonder Woman Shield from Dawn of Justice


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I've started a new blog post to document this entire build in detail. Here's the link:


I'll be updating the blog post in-line as a I go, that way you'll only have to go to that one link, instead of searching around my blog or following tags to see the whole build.

Here's one of the reference pics I got from SDCC this year.

0 reference photo.jpg

And here's roughly where I stand after one day of work in the shop.

26 clamps removed.jpg

If you'd like to learn about the tools, materials and processes involved in getting to this point, please check out my blog post. If there's anything I've left out, or things that you think need better explaining, please let me know.

And thanks for checking it out!


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Looking great so far :) Thanks for this. Was hoping to do Dawn of Justice Wonder Woman for my girlfriend for SDCC 2016 and hadn't the foggiest how to do the shield. This will help a lot :)


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I just posted a quick little video showing the current status of the build. Nothing terribly exciting, but it has come a long way in a short time!

I will be updating my blog next, which will include a bunch of new photos showing how I got from the photo you see in the first post, to what you see in the video.
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Not yet, but progress continues. As of right now, my buck is all done and I'm just waiting for access to the vac form machine. whoohoo!
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