Wonder Woman Brass Tiara

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Hi everyone :D,

Here I am again with a new project and I am so excited to present it to you.

As you can imagine from my avatar, I am a fan of Wonder Woman. I was first a huge fan of the justice league cartoon, and then there were the last movies where the aesthetics are just amazing. Now that I moved to the south of France with my husband eethan and that we both build props, I couldn't fail to make this tiara that I love so much.

So I put all my passion and all my heart into it and I hope you’ll enjoy the result.


I spent a lot of time watching and watching again the movie in order to understand how the tiara was built and how the strips intersected (oh no! I spent several hours watching Wonder Woman !!!! my job is so boring ; p ……).

I first drew the plan on my computer based on screenshots. For the scale, I used my own head size. For the side of the tiara, I used that of Antiope.

Antiope coté.jpg

The object is rather complex, there are 8 overlapping and intersecting parts, sometimes with extremely thin sections (around 2mm).

(modeling with a cardboard template and the cat ;) , if it fits, she wears it.... ;))

For the actual piece, I worked with jewelry brass (lead free and safe for skin contact) (I'm not sure the one in the film is brass, but I wanted to have a hyper realistic effect when you take the tiara in your hand). Cutting all of these strips is a lot of work. At first I worked with the jeweler's saw, but the parts being very long, it was not always possible (and especially it was not really fast). Then I wanted to work with the scroll saw. Unfortunately, the cut was not as efficient as I expected. So I fell back to the mini grinder of my Dremel to roughly cut the parts. Then, I cut the edges cleanly with the router using MDF templates that I had laser cut for each piece.

découpe brute.jpg
Découpe dremel.jpg

Then comes a small sanding and filing step to blunt the edges. Creases are then marked with a press.


Each piece is then silver-welded using the technique of sweat soldering, while starting to shape the curvature as the layers go, as it becomes very difficult to bend the metal when the thickness is too great.

Between each weld, the object should be soaked in an acid bath to remove oxidation and be able to weld the next layer.


And we resume the superposition of the layers


The tiara is then polished, then shaped with a hammer, then patinated and again polished.


Et voilà :D :D :D :D !!!!!!


Thanks for reading me and I hope you will enjoy my work, this is my prototype and I hope to be able to correct a few small details that are not yet perfectly accurate to the original.
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Looks great!! Will this kind of brass form a patina? Did you clear coat it? It came out really well.
Wow! Inspiring.
Wow what a great result! Always love seeing these kinds of builds. In the age of 3D printing and foam craft its great to see metal work like this being done in cosplay.

Thank you very much for your messages :D

13doctorwho , indeed untreated brass always ends up oxidizing over time. But this remains a surface phenomenon and is very easy to clean. My favorite recipe for this is to clean the object with a very soft cloth and toothpaste. This restores the shine of the object and does not remove the artificial patina. I prefer not to use varnish because it also often ends up being damaged, especially with objects that are in contact with the skin.

Wonder Knight

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Hi everyone :D ,
I just made an interest thread at this link :
if some of you are interested :)

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