Wolverine immortal claws

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    I went recently to Japan and bought this in a flea market, the metal is really really hard and there is a kind of bone inside, the seller told me it came from a "bakemono" guy who comes to live whe hurt or shot.

    988904_799467836799157_7281015998905945351_n.png 1507093_799740620105212_2570234753768358034_n.jpg

    I have another one, the bone is a little bit different but the claw looks really similar.
    Do you think it comes from a real Wolverine guy , meaning mutants really exist?!
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    Are you actually serious?
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    God, I hope so.
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    I bet it's this guy

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    This is the best troll post I have seen yet.
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    That is a pretty nice prop. If it was wolverines though, wouldn't the taper on the bottom continue through to the back end to cut well through the hands? It is pretty blunt toward the bone part.
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    Wolverine's would have a thicker bone and be evenly spaced on top and bottom, the only lengthy areas would be where the sharp portions of the blade stick out. Otherwise the bottom part of the metal of this claw would come from the palms of his hands. Are these a "Mariko throwing knife" edition? Lol
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    There is a cave near my mother's town, we can find some cave bear bones, but I found this one, meaning it may be something else than bear bones, also meaning the force probably exists?!

    Nihilus 5.png

    About the claw...

    Yes it's a "throwing knife" edition.
    I wanted a wolverine prop, but I admit a kind of handle with 3 blades ws not exactly what I wanted.
    When I saw the immortal, and the battle damaged claws I knew it was a good prop idea.
    I think I will make one from steel to get sharp edge.
    About the bone shape I designed this one based on screenshots, so a oval look with a round hollow area on middle, but I think it's a mistake from production, because the original claws would be flat bone, with "sharp" bottom and no roundish shape, and no hollow core but more like sponge bone.

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    Hey, I created a time machine ( in fact I stole it, but disguise it giving a phone cabin appearance)
    I was thinking the skull I found was not old enough, so I looped time of about 4000 years, hide it somewhere, and found it back on present day.
    I like the result:


    Sadly it get some damages, but I won't loop time again, because, time is not exactly a straight line, it's more a kind of weebly woobly timey something like this, and butterfly flying there can create big damages here.
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