Wolverine cowl and claws WIP


Hey, after seeing so many quality build threads on here I thought I would start a thread for my recent project. Any comments or criticism are appreciated, hope you like it.

Wolverine has always been one of my favourite characters, from watching X-Men cartoons as a child to the Hugh Jackman performances in the films as I grew up.

Sadly I missed the opportunity to purchase one of the great looking ReevsFX cowls, so during some recent free time I decided to have a go at making one using the pep file from JFCustom's thread.

I printed and cut out the pep file then transferred that to some cardboard that was kicking around waiting to be recycled. I do plan on making one from foam as well, but as I had the cardboard to hand I figured I would have a go with that for starters.


And of course, I couldn't resist trying it on :D The ears aren't fully attached to the head yet which allowed me to just squeeze my head through.


I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out considering it's just scrap cardboard, I'm tempted to fibreglass and bondo it nice and smooth then try to sculpt in some detail on the brow and nostrils using Milliput, then get it painted up and use it as a display piece.

As an addition to the cowl I decided to have a go at some cheap DIY claws, I saved a template from Google Images then transferred that to some scrap plastic foam board I had from an old employer. The foam board cuts relatively easily with an exacto knife and can be sanded to give it a blade like edge. After spending a while with a mouse sander I had three claws that were ready for some paint. I gave them a quick coat of primer then gave them a couple of coats of silver a few days later.

Here they are tucked into one of my work gloves


I need to figure out how exactly I would like to display them, I've got a few different ideas I'd like to try but I'm not sure how viable they will be until I give them a go.

Updates to follow.

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Jimbob, DO NOT just keep it as a display piece!! That cowl fits so perfectly on you that it would be a shame that you don't wear it.. Keep up the great work and build on! BTW, it looks kick butt with your beard and mustache making Wolverine look even more ferocious. Please keep updating your progress. SUBSCRIBED!!


Thanks very much, I really do want to have a wearable version of the cowl.
I'm not sure if I will be able to get the finish I want and still be able to get it onto my head though, there is a bit of flexing required where forehead meets brow for me to wear it.

I'm sure I've got some foam from a previous project somewhere, I'll have a look and will try and knock up another cowl in the next few days. I think it's 6mm foam, so should give me enough depth to try and carve some creases into the nose and brow region, the nostrils will be a bit trickier though, and it's bright blue so will definitely need plasti-dipped, I can get it in yellow and black from Amazon.

I may also buy some yellow and black craft foam sheets I've seen on Ebay, they were pretty cheap and are a decent size so should get a full cowl from 1 sheet of each.
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It's been a while since my initial post as I've been real busy with work and organising moving house, but I've finally managed to get my v2 cowl done.

By the time I was available to work on this my coloured foam had arrived, so I skipped finishing my foam camping mat version and moved straight on to building my coloured one instead.

Here it is assembled

Of course I had to try this one on too, it fits better than the cardboard version did.

And here it is on display with my growing collection