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Hi all,

Looking to put myself a good looking wolverine costume together.

I Liked the look in origins despite the stupid CGI claws.

anyways... I am looking for some advice on the following items:

-Jacket: which of these two places does the better jacket?
Wolverine Jacket Features
these are the two most accurate ones that i have found, if you know of a more accurate version then please send a link my way :)

-Dog Tags: the best tags i could find where these ones
Wolverine Dogtags - X-men weapon-X Dog tags.
Specifically looking for the weapon X version would really like stainless steel and with a stainless steel chain. My only problem with the above version is that there is only one tag...
any suggestions on where to pick up what i am looking for? not worried about the chain so much as the tags.

-Tank top: I have not had a whole lot of luck with finding the tank top he was wearing, does anybody here know anywhere i can pick one up?

-Claws: Looking for someone to build me some claws from polished stainless steel to fit my hands specifically. know of anybody?

Thanks for reading
I look forward to some responses :)
I've seen a couple good Wolverine threads around. Do an advanced search here (titles only), for "wolverine" and you should find tons of info.
Jackets: try Loganscloset.com or Heron leathers. Might be tough this close to Halloween for a REALLY good one, some really crappy ones on Ebay though, unless you find one used from one of the makers above.
The tank top is a "Zimmerli", check Ebay again. They are pretty expensive unless you can find one there.
Dog tags are pretty common on the bay as well.
I agree with rdmaul. You can find it all with a couple of keywords. I'm new to the site, but currently eye-balling a Vanson Wolvie jacket for everyday wear.
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