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Want to Buy Wolverine Claws Grail Set

Discussion in 'Want to Buy' started by Curzuri, Jul 25, 2015.

  1. Curzuri

    Curzuri New Member

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    Greetings,I'm looking to aquire these as the centerpiece for my extensive Wolverine item collection. Prop claws being sold privately or at auction, or a brand new creation made with the authentic quality, detail, and care to merit a "Grail" item, would work. I'm looking for THE Wolverine claws to own, being a genuine Appreciator. Any leads, resources, or advisement in my indevor is greatly appreciated.It's a pleasure to be s new member of the community!Thank you kindly,Curzuri
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  2. TheWolverine

    TheWolverine Well-Known Member

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    "This set was a back-up set kept in my bag as an extra set if there was breakage, they were used by 2 stuntmen, the stand-in and Hugh Jackman. I value them at 11,900 USD and will sell them for $8250. -Jimmy Claws"

    X-Men 3 Stunt Wolverine Claws Screen Used By : Stunt Man and Hugh Jackman
    Stunt Claws01.JPG Stunt Claws02.JPG Certificate Wolverine.jpg
    This is the very last screen used set Jimmy has in his possession for sale.
    Jimmy Claws has 'em available now in Canada with COA photo verification embedded & signed by himself James Gawley a.k.a. Jimmy Claws.

    TheWolverine : Approved


    Stunt Claws01.JPG

    Stunt Claws02.JPG

    Certificate Wolverine.jpg
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