Wizard World Chicago Aug 8-11 2013


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Not the best quality photo, but wanted to share as I got praise for Stan Lee himself on the costume. After he said that it made my whole day and was glad I picked it to be my first cosplay. Had a great time and can't wait to do it again.


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Awesome time hangin' out with you both. Can't wait till next year. Gotta get my marine helmet done for it.


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I went and had a good time at the show. Some lines were mismanaged with too many VIP's sold. I waited for about 3 hrs to meet Summer Glau. Eddie McClintock, John Barrowman, Michael Rosenbaum and Manu Bennett were super cool to meet.

Eddie McClintock and Hilary.jpgBrandon and Hilary.jpgDSC02526.JPG


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I can't take credit for this but the Aliens guys really knocked it out of the park with the fan table. I just showed up with my mini-stasis tube and it was like a fart in the wind;) We did a colony sweep of the show floor and all I could think about was the combined value of the props on the table.



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Went yesterday, huge turnout. Lots of fun.
Han solo in front of the bat mobile holding a pulserifle.
Oh, and scifi strippers. No seriously.
The Admiral Storm trooper was hilarious but they had a hotter one on Friday!!! AND YES they are strippers b/c Admiral is a Gentlemen's club ha ha!!!