Wizard World Chicago 2012


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You probably didnt make it to where we were. The stupid Con runners added a new section in the back that NO one saw and your sales felt it. Most people that did make it back keep saying i walked past this section several times and neve saw it. That and how do you get out of here were the most heard pharese.
If you saw the Big Postr dispaly we were next to them.


I think I did see your booth, my bf went everywhere. The con was definetly better than last year but there were still poor organization skills and poor planning.
I gave some suggestions for next year and one of the guys in charge actually had a little attitude with me!

Seriously I compliment them and then suggest having more than one exit or more access to information and maybe even an info kiosk and I'm pounced on.
I don't need excuses or attitude lol


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[sub]Make sure you come back for C2E2 in April they know how to run a con plus its in the City actual not out by the airport.[/sub]
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