Witchking of Angmar Costume...another one.


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Hey all,

Well I made a helmet a while ago ( http://www.therpf.com/f24/witch-king-helmet-build-218252/ ) and was encouraged by some people getting married that I should come to their wedding dressed as this character, and seeing as how I need almost no encouragement to make stuff I thought I'd try my hand at costume making.
I used PVC foam board (Foamex or whatever) to make the large plates of armour and pvc pipe for the finger plates. the weapons are a combo of the same types of materials.
The casting is resin with aluminium filler (cold casting).
here's the progress so far.

01.jpg 03.jpg 02.jpg 05.jpg 04.jpg 06.jpg

- - - Updated - - -

more pics

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- - - Updated - - -

and more..

View attachment 449168 View attachment 449169

- - - Updated - - -

Now some weapons..

View attachment 449170 View attachment 449171 View attachment 449172 View attachment 449175 View attachment 449173 View attachment 449174

- - - Updated - - -

and some more weapon..

View attachment 449176 View attachment 449177 View attachment 449178 View attachment 449179 View attachment 449180 View attachment 449181 View attachment 449182 View attachment 449183


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and some more weapon..

14.jpg 15.jpg 16.jpg 18.jpg 19.jpg 20.jpg 22.jpg 23.jpg


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That looks great! I am working on the same costume for Denver Comic Con in a few months. Were you able to buy the Foamex locally or did you have to go online? and did you use templates for the armor/weps or did you freehand them yourself?


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Thanks dude. The foamex I got from a local signage place that sold me some sheets of various thickness's. As for the templates, I got as many production pictures as I could as well as screen shots where possible, then just freehanded the templates by hand and adjusted as i progressed. If I get the time to scan them in I'll post them but that'll be some time.
The shins are almost done so now ill move on to the knees, elbows and upper limbs. I'll post more pictures in a while.
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