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    Hey folks, starting a thread, that I will update here and there, I am starting a hand made Geralt from Witcher 3. Starting off with the swords via 3d printing and then I will be molding and casting them. That's the main reason I am starting this is if people like the sword result enough I want to try and do a run of them.

    Start off with the 3d models!

    They are pretty simple and clean, will be leather wrapped around the handles

    19008561900_a304e43bd7_b.jpg ger.jpg 2c0855fe8fef8651a9dedd1937c9e4ae.png b7674ea7a19accb252b9bedf08607c81.png
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    Hello, might I suggest something? :) In my opinion it would be cheaper to buy a regular sword blade from a smith and it would even be a completely functional sword than. You can cast the guard and pommel.

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