Witchblade - ny Comic con anxiety!


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NECROTHREAD! Don't kill me !!! ...as you guys have witnessed this thread kinda fell to **** .. my previous efforts to do this had been destroyed / conquered a while ago but i am back. I got all my supplies and i am going to do this thing! Sorry to say I started without you guys, i started my recording ... but i still have a lot of recording to go ... there will be youtube videos and many pictures of this project .

heh ..stay tuned for all the crazy

derp , lol
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Re: Witchblade wip ...

If we could vote: I'd rather see the metal bikini from you! But, everything you make is sweet. Can't wait for more!
Re: Witchblade wip ...

i would rather eat sand and bologna then wear the metal bikini , but we are making two witchblade suits ...when i say we i mean my symbiote and i ..... alric .... comic con will be interesting
Re: Witchblade wip ...

I have faith in you, Error. I like Witchblade in any form but that TNT show that rightfully bombed.

So I think you're in the clear. ;)
Re: Witchblade wip ...

good luck on this! I like the concept... the whole formally dressed with this twisted deadly side... I think you'll pull this version off nicely...

umm, just stay away from geese in the future. lol

Sorry, I had to.
Re: Witchblade wip ...

this might help but i heard that for the Live Action series on TBS they used latex for the full arm effect with a cg layout. not sure how much of that is true, but a sculpt would work ALOT better and easier on your skin than metal

its always great to see one of your WIPs btw
Re: Witchblade wip ...

here is a real quick sketch i jotted down while figuring out what i was going to do


WOW! That's gonna be some sheer dress!

P.S. I like how the drawing has a p.o.ed at the fanboys expression on her face.
Re: Witchblade wip ...

The face even looks like you - very nice drawing. So is this the costume for NYCC, since you plan on being done around October?
Re: Witchblade wip ...

:O what happened to messed up zombie deadpool?! :(
although witchblade is cool, deadpool is still awesome... which is better than cool ;)
Re: Witchblade wip ...

the story behind this costume idea is , a bunch of people over from the hunters lair were on my case , i had one of the mods actually asking me to pull a huntress suit together and showcase it with them where they are going to be at nycc and i was like well if i made a full fledged predator suit , at five foot seven i would look more then silly especially in a crowd of naturally 6 foot pluss guys ... i would look like the little emaciated predator with the huge head ... i have always been a huge darkness fan i love jackie I LOVE JACKIE ...i digress ....cough* ... unfortunately i would not know how to execute a jackie costume being a woman and all, and witchblade is cool ... as i was being asked to do something predator related i mentioned to the lair mod .. remember overkill? the crossover comic with predator alien witchblade and darkness ? and i explained i could probably pull through with a witchblade and hang out ... really confuse some people ... so we will see what happens , besides i just want a witchblade , i think i am going to make it much shorter like from hand to elbow , so i can show off the rest of my shrimpy guns .... as for sheer dress no .. no it will not be sheer blubeetle ! that is a quick sketch of me figuring out my suit at first i was going to sacrifice a pair of my boots to make into witchblade armor make a metal bikini and cover one arm but i think i would rather jump then have such a project done by october! i kinda like the idea of a blade and a classy dress anyhow , it will cover a lot more .... and i can go out to eat afterwards witchblade and all ..thanks everyone for your support on my new project ill keep you people posted
Re: Witchblade wip ...

What? No pics of your sketch book cleverly placed where we can see underwear? Don't you want more jealous people telling you how bad of a person you are?

Great idea BTW. You have the perfect look for it.
Re: Witchblade wip ...

Not only are your costumes awesome but you can draw too lol. I love this version of Sara, I never figured out the lame one they used on TV. I can't wait to see more.
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