witch plasti dip


just wondering if any1 could tell witch plasti dip it is I should use, sealing EVA foam..

the site is in spanish , so if u recognize the can or something would be alot of help

Catalogo Plasti & Dip - Artículos - Plasti ¨Dip España=

I think it is the spray...
but would anything coming in a can, (painting it on) work also.. or would it leave marks from the brush
and if it is the spray.. more or less how much does a can last for,, making a iron man vi suit... for example 1 can for 1 arm or 2 arms ect.... how many coats do u need apply

thx in advance


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Any of those will work. You are correct, you will get brush marks, though there is some self leveling, but you can also apply thicker coats this way, which can cover any textures if the foam. going over the "dipping" version with a coat of the sprayable will get out the brush marks.


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My only concern with 'painting' plasti-dip would be cure time... Just remember, that this product cures FAST. Don't expose it to the air for too long, and paint quickly - or you'll end up with a rubber end on your paint brush. :love

For that reason among others, I've always stuck with the spray cans and masked off what I don't want covered.

Good luck and let us know how it works out! :):thumbsup


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If you use the choose to go with painting Plasti Dip with a brush, you should thin it a bit with naptha so it will go on more smoothly and give you a little more time. Just be sure to take the proper precautions---none of this stuff is good to breathe in.


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It depends. When I spray my bat cowls, which are made from black-tinted latex, one or two light coats is all it takes to get good coverage. Foam tends to soak up Plasti Dip, so it could take several coats. Plus if the foam is a different color than your Plasti Dip, it may take many coats to achieve total coverage.


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Careful when masking off the plasti dip on EVA foam. I had some black masked off with painter's tape and the plasti dip came off with the very low tack tape.


OK thank ppls..

about the masking tape Ill be carefull with that. I think indie film gee had something about an adhesive promoter for that. but cant remember if it was for the paint or the plastidip.

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