Witch King mask, TEMPLATES! Lord of the Rings

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    I just started making a Witch King mask :D I made tamplatets and I want share them with you ;)
    WK template 01.jpg WK template 02.jpg WK template 03.jpg
    They are sized for a4 printer, the only thing You need is a 3,5 width strap wich you need to measure to your head.
    I'm making it out of foam, worbla and some body filler for details. You could do that also with card board and bondo like Blind Squirrel: http://blindsquirrelprops.com/lord-rings-helm-of-the-witchking/
    I just got a big sheet of worbla with wich I worked just once before and I wanted to try something bigger.

    0.jpg 1.jpg
    2.jpg For now it looks like that, I need to shape it and put it together.
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    tumblr_nwbz8mOSwf1u99wzho1_500.jpg tumblr_nwbz8mOSwf1u99wzho6_1280.jpg
    And this is finished piece :D
    And full costume I made:
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