Interest Wishmaster gemstone - any interest? About to get one made...


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I'm about to order a prototype of a design I've worked on for a while now, and was just wondering if anyone else wanted in on the list.

Serious interest only please.

Basically, got a 3d model made using reference from the first movie, got the company to agree to make it, and they can knock one out in a couple of weeks.

The downside is, it's a new company that pretty much ONLY makes gems and therefore won't give me a price cut until we reach somewhere around 50 pieces on an order.

I don't mind doing it as a "pretty much at cost" run though, since I don't think this is going to be a barn burner of an item EVERYONE NEEDS TO OWN, even though it totally is and you should buy 2 cause it's that damned good.

So, to break it down to specifics, I'm ordering the prototype and they are sending it to me, I'll photograph the crap out of it and let you guys see it, and then we can place an order for however many that people want. No money up front at the moment, nothing due, etc.

Just wondering who wants one of them. I know it's a cult classic so I'm not expecting a ton or orders, but I'm hoping for at least 10 pieces.

It'll be in ruby colored cubic zirconia, even though the movies was more of an orange/topaz color in the bright/daylight shots. They can't match the color specifically, but they do a beautiful red color.

Price is currently estimated to be 100$, might drop a bit depending on what they charge me for shipping to get em here. The good news is if you are in the US the shipping is gonna be probably around 6-8 bucks for flat rate and insurance.

You know how picky I am, you know how detail oriented I am, so you know this is going to be a small, fist sized ruby of awesomeness. I'll be posting pics of the prototype in a few weeks, but just wanted to start gauging interest.

If you want a prototype like I am getting, I can have more than one made if you want to order one when I do. Prototype costs are 100$, and shipping to get it from me to you.

Lemme know :)



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Pic from movie :)



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Loved the movie Wishmaster and the sequel (but lets just not talk about the others.) The Djinn's fire opel is pretty much the horror version of Superman's green memory crystal. Two beautiful props that really stand out in their movies. I'd be in for one of the prototypes if its not too late, just in case no one else takes up in such a fantastic prop. And if a run of more refined ones go ahead I would be in for one of those too :)
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I just wanted to chime in and say that I also ordered one from gavin338 and received it very quickly. It’s got a nice weight to it and the cut looks screen accurate to me. So I finally have the Stone of the Secret Fire to add to the collection! I’d recommend him to anyone else looking for one right now.


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