WIP War Machine EVA Foam Rubber Build with Pics!

Discussion in 'Marvel Costumes and Props' started by Graphic Jordan, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. Graphic Jordan

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    Hey guys,

    I know I am not done the Iron Man but I have run into a few snags that have discouraged me.

    So I've decided to take on War Machine using 6mm thick foam this time instead of the thinner 4 mm I used on the Iron Man suit.

    I've almost completed the cod. Will add details, between the legs pieces etc after. However I didn't want to scale up everything to fit with cod because the rest of the pieces would be huge on me.. this cod piece is a 32 inch waist as I measured to confirm this.

    I am 36" + and was at one point a 32" so I can't wear it yet but I am hoping this will motivate me to lose the handles and gut. I want to do this quickly though. Ideas?

    Here are some pics. Tape is holding an opening closed.. it will eventually have velcro.




  2. indiefilmgeek

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    Nice work.

    How different is the 6mm vs the 4mm to work with? is it tougher to cut/glue etc? Also, are you still getting it through Wandy Foam?
  3. MrBibou

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    Great to see you back bro !
    Your Iron man build motivated to do my own, feels good to ear from you again :)

    Have you ever heard of th P90X program? It's a 3 month program of one hour/day of exercice combined with a healthy diet.

    It's really great and effective if you do it properly.
  4. Graphic Jordan

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    Thanks Jon!

    It's about the same to work with. Nothing to different.. just a couple extra mm's lol.

    Yes I still got it from Caroline, aka Wandy Foam.

    Thanks! Yeah I might end up selling the Iron Man suit in it's current state minus some stuff. IDK yet.


    THExEVILxTW1N Member

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    What brand does Wandy Foam use?

    You can try P90x or some CrossFit stuff for the weight. Good luck!!
  6. GASH

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    Why were you unable to finish your Ironman suit? After seeing your previous work, there's no doubt your War Machine suit will be badass!! Are you planning to use foam for the shoulder cannon/guns as well?
  7. TurboTrey03

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    Out of curiousity, what were your setbacks? thinking about following in your footsteps with that project! please please pleaseeee finish! haha!

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