WIP TDK bank heist mask (grumpy)


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Started to sculpt Grumpy from TDK bank heist scene. I'll continue to update this thread as progress continues, open to any and all suggestions.


Intial sculpt:

Added details:

Not finished!
Looks awesome, one thing i see is eyebrow line above the eye on the original seems to come to a small point where yours looks rounded. Still awesome though can't wait to see it.
Looks awesome, one thing i see is eyebrow line above the eye on the original seems to come to a small point where yours looks rounded. Still awesome though can't wait to see it.

Thanks for the tip, I'll be working through the night on this with more photos soon to follow.
Coming along great so far. Could just be my eyes but your face may be a touch long? Kind of hard to tell, so it's possible its bang on. This will be great when painted.
Don't know if you have seen this but it would be a good reference
The Dark Knight Featurette - Clown Masks - Comcast - HD 720P - YouTube

Here's a screen grab of the profile of the mask, what i would do is print this out 1:1 scale cut cardboard to the profile and compare to yours
Got a ton of screen caps from that including reference for an accurate color paint. Thanks though!

More progress, will post photos soon. Also molding tonight.
I did sculpts of a few of these masks a couple years back.

Yours is looking pretty good so far. Although one small critique. The cheek bones look like they stick out too far. Might want to shave a little bit off so they don't stick out so much.

I'm looking forward to seeing how yours turns out.
Looks great. You said you were done I believe, but Id mention that I noticed there is a thicker ridge at the top of the eye brows. Like about a half an inch or so. Pelco's photo shows it. Kind of a caveman brow thing.
Another thing I noticed when you get up to it is that the hair is punched through, not just glued on and is in rows and goes back maybe 6-8 rows.
Those photos are actually right before I addressed a couple issues with the cheeks and eyebrows. I will note that The lens on my camera is doing terrible things to the actual sculpt. It looks better in person!

Thank you for pointing out the hair. Last night I actually made and tested a tool for hair punching. I would not do it any other way. I may as well rip off the hair from the rubies mask if I were to stoop to gluing a hair piece on. Haha. Can't wait to pull a few of these.

The first two will be cast in rigid plastic (as I believe that is what the originals were made of.) I will send one to Baltimore with Fotokid and keep one. We will both work on finishing them. THEN we will be pulling Urethane copies. The urethane masks will have accurate hair features and accurate acrylic paint+weathering.
Here is our first pull, painted and weathered. Still needs hair and an accurate band-aide. From here, Ben is going to start a fresh sculpt with a few key changes in the size and shape of the mask. Painting really helped bring out the flaws so this is still a WIP. With that said, I still think this is a GREAT start and I can't wait to start running around town with this on :lol

Once again, open to comments and suggestions!
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