WIP My take on the BWS DOJ batman suit


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Hello there Oliver from sweden here. This is my current project. I am so psyched about the bvs movie and I love costuming, so I thought I give the batman costume a go.

I first ordered the body suit from Gunnheaddesign and then bought the cowl I'm wearing on the pics on ebay. It is quite expensive shipping and import to sweden so the cowl was the cheapest of the good looking bvs cowls out there. Maybe if I want a better I'll order one from reevzfx when his is available. I then saw a belt over on etsy.com that I liked. The belt is not screen accurate but I thought it looked good (I then spray painted it gold). Like I said shipping and import to sweden is expensive so I went for the most affordable when looking for belts.

But I am not finished with my project yet. I have not yet done my muscle suit, the gauntlets will be updated and I got a dude over in UK that going to make a screen accurate belt in the upcoming months. Also gonna get a urethane chest emblem. So that's going to be updated on the suit. And like I said maybe will order another cowl from reevzfx

But here is the suit as it looks right now. Kinda happy but not 100%




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Well, while you wait for the new belt, if you want to make this sone more accurate, paint the body of the pouch black, as well as the belt itself, and leave the rest gold. Dirtying the gold would work fairly well too, just some black paint on a towel and rub the gold.
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