WIP: My rebel/tie/ATAT pilot helmet


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This is the first set of pics i have taken of the project I have been working on for last month or so. I have been in possession of the Vietnam pilot helmets (aph 6) that lucas used for the rebel pilots. Then added storm trooper front to make the ATAT and Tie helmets. Once I am finished with the rebel version I am going to take that and make tie and ATAT pilots also. This has been an interesting and challenging project because I have had to mold the originals and then cast those cause I am a huge history buff and would hate to destroy a piece of history for this.





More to come



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Looks great so far, but I have one question at the moment. When you vac-form the Tie Pilot Helmet are you going to be using glossy black ABS? I don't suggest painting it with automotive paint because the finish really isn't that great. Good Luck.
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