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    Hi! First off, as I'm a new member and all, I'm Kalle from Sweden and have been following this forum for a while now. First thing when I sit down on the bus for work every morning - Tapatalk and the RPF! You guys are so inspiring and talented! I work as an architect and that can be very inspiring as well but some of the things I see here, man, it's unbelievable, pure magic! I thought I had a long list of projects i wanted to do before I ended up here, but now that list is like a mile long!

    Together with my six year old son, Harrison (we first thought about naming him Indiana but as my wife's name is Diana we settled for the second best :love) I'm in the progress of making us a Jawa costume (for Harrison) and a Tusken costume for myself. I've soon fully assembled my Tusken helmet kit (from Godzilla) and are desperately trying to find some accurate fabric for the robes. But it turned out to be quite difficult I'm afraid...:lolMight have a look around NYC when we go there in a couple of weeks on holiday. Anyone have any tips on any good fabric stores in NYC?

    In the meantime I'm working on a Ion blaster for the Jawa costume. Not the Enfield based blaster but the other one, the one discussed here. It seems to be a bit hard to identify the parts used for the prop so first I thought about going down the pvc road as another member here did with amazing results- look here! But then I got into contact with a friend of ours who is running a public workshop here in town which is paid by the city and the university, inspired by the FabLab concept from M.I.T. in Boston. You bring your own materials and they give you access to a big workshop fully loaded with tools and machinery, free of charge! I thought I'd come to heaven when I first heard of it, we live in a quite small apartment and the kitchen table is usually the place for any projects I'm working on...

    So anyways, the workshop, called Fabriken (the factory) comes with its own CO2 lasercutter and small cnc router!:love So I figured why not use the lasercutter for the blaster? I could come closer to real screen accuracy and have an excuse to try out a frikkin laser for gods sake!

    So for a few nights I sat in front of my computer with AutoCad, drawing up the whole thing in 3mm slices. I decided to use 3mm plywood for most of it, it will all be painted and weathered later on. I used a nice frontal picture and a size reference of 24' total length and just made measurements from the pic inside of Autocad. Then it was just a matter of exporting it to a standard .svg file and away to the cutter!

    Loaded the plywood sheet in the cutter
    View attachment 82826

    Harrison watching the magic happen
    View attachment 82827

    Laser at work
    View attachment 82828

    Some of the pieces nearly done
    View attachment 82829

    I know the pics are bad, I will try and take better ones as I move along. I'm going back to do a second run on the cutter tomorrow after work and then start to assemble some of it. Pics will come for those of you who like to see more... And watch the magic unfold... :rolleyes If by this I can make a small contribution to this community I'm very happy!

    Updates will come.
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    Wow ! That's awesome that they have places like that over there ! I'm afraid anything like a public workshop here would be trashed up and looted the first day. I will keep a lookout for more updates and good luck with the build ! P.S. Welcome to the Replica Prop Forum !!
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    On the way home from the Factory.. Cut out some missing parts and made an ion emitter from some scrap acrylic and a sparkplug...
    View attachment 82932
    View attachment 82933

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    Just did a pre assembly to see if everything fit and how it looked. When all you see is a lot of rungs it's a bit hard to imagine the outcome. Luckily for me I numbered all the pieces so I didn't have to guess in what order they go. As you can see I cut out two holes in each part in which two brass bars are inserted to line everything up. I left some room in the middle for some electronics as well. Probably just some indicating LED lights on the back. View attachment 83021 View attachment 83022 View attachment 83023

    I also did a backplate for the barrel with a flick switch and three LEDS. Engraved the name of the gun in Jawanese, anyone who can read what it says? ;-)
    View attachment 83031 View attachment 83032

    I still need a couple of pieces in thinner plastic but had some problems finding a suitable material that works with the laser cutter.. I think I will just cut it out with saw and sand it. Then the funnel will be mounted and the whole thing sanded and sanded and sanded some more.
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    Everytime I see Jawa I read JAWS. I need to get my eyes tested. I was envisaging sharks with laser beams..

    Anyway, nice work so far.
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    Sounds like a prop from Austin Powers.. Sharks with frikking lasers attached to their heads.... :)

    Thanks for the kind words :)

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