WIP: Indiana Jones Voodoo Doll Done!!


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Alrighty so some of you may have seen my interest thread in the junkyard for these. But, this one is for my Secret Santa recipient who is......Well he/she will find out when they get it :)

So here are some pics




alright theres a picture of the jacket and pants, the pants themselves, and how everything began

I got the head and torse from markpoon and it is very nice. The pants are a soft suede leather, and the jacket is a nice dark brown leather. The body is an off white cotton material and his whip and his belt will be real leather also, and the body will be made later tonight. I made one and I wasn't happy with how it turned out as I don't think I gave his arm pits the proper depth.

So stay tuned
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Re: WIP: Indiana Jones Voodoo Doll



sorry for the delay was in california where I met some awesome rpfers....including MattMunson, The Laam, and ScruffyRebel

but none the less he's 99% done as he just needs some hair

I apologize for the picture quality I only have my iphone
Re: WIP: Indiana Jones Voodoo Doll 99% finished




AND he has hair! And he's done!! And tomorrow he gets shipped to my Secret Santa recipient, and I really hope they like it!
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