(WIP) Gambit Build for PDX Comic Con


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Hello everyone! I am in the process of starting a build for Gambit Costume. I've Researched most of the things that I need. Below is a list of the main Items that I can think of. I have some time before the next comiccon but I am hoping to have this done by Feb 2017 for Wizard World Comic Con (BTW, if any Portland natives are lurking around please feel free to reach out to offer assistance and or guidance) :) BTW one of those days I will go As Spider-Man (TASM1 version)

Cowl: XtremeDesignFX
Chest Plate:
For the Eyes either:
1. gambit eyes.jpg
2. eyes2.jpg

Duster: TBD
Boots: I feel that with these I'll need to find a base boot and build something out of EVA foam (ANY HELP HERE WOULD BE APPRECIATED)
Pants: TBD
Staff: I am looking at getting 2 appearing wands that magicians use and a making some sort of custom connector to connect them as one long staff after the appearance
Cards: TBD I have few leads that I am looking into
Gloves: TBD shouldn't be too hard
Hair: Looking at some wigs that I will have styled to match something similar to this (I have a lead that does styling on wigs)
gambit hair.jpg

More to come and again any assistance will be appreciated


gambit eyes.jpg


gambit hair.jpg
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Awesome and not done enough,Ruiz :thumbsup
For basic boots from foam I would look into JfCustom's foam files thread.The Classic Iron man boot has the most basic shape I can think of.That,or use the boots from the Deadpool.obj file from Onekura.com.
Good luck with your build ! Looking forward to the rest of the thread


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:facepalmI posted there first was because I am DC (BATMAN) fan at heart and I must have just subconsciously clicked into it. Gambit and Spidey are what got me into comics back in my day so I got to pay respects :D


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Quick update I found this for the Trench Coat
I'll need to figure a way to get the ribbed lapels and collar and adding a belt and a few buckles I think it is a great base coat though: