[WIP] Deadmau5 + Skrillex, Deadmau5 head.


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I'm making a deadmau5 head which looks like this:

Mine currently looks like this:

I also have a transparent PETG sheet visor, it swivels as well.
Here's a video showing it: (kinda)

My problem now is trying to make those glasses any idea? Also, Where would I be able to get that hair? D:

I'm also gonna cover the visor in some white tights/pantyhose type fabric.
And I have some problems with the visor.
1) because I used some Window cushion thing (Which is used to block the weather from coming inside your windows or w/e), The visor hits that when trying to swivel back down.
2) a problem with the visor is that it doesn't stay at its curved shape, How can I make it stay at its curve?
3) The visor is just being held by thumbtacks, What would you suggest to use to hold it on the sides?

Will "TRY" to post updates daily.


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Just a tip if u use window screen and fold it in half on itself and paint it to.ur liking works alot better and vision is clear plus they can't see in
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