WIP Dark Knight Foam Last Minute Attempt, help?


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Hi Guys,

First things first, I'm fresh to the costume game, I've made an Adam West Batman, a Burt Ward Robin, and Ghostbusters before, but this is my first attempt at some foam armor. I thought about working on an Iron Man Pepakura foam Mark VI, but there's just not enough time and I wanted to get my feet wet.

So here goes, its based on the dark knight costume, with a little begins meshed in... i took cues from alot of other posts i've seen on the board, of course from Stealth , and a recent budget build by Omel.

Id love to get some feedback, and tips and hints. obviously i need to clean it up, ignore the wandering glue sticks and background!



Stealth hearing that from you makes me happy! As I'm sure you're aware, there are shortcuts to be taken , and liberties as well. haha. I was thinking of Carbon Fiber Vinal for the applicable portions of the foam, any ideas on that stuff?
do you think it would look good in the appropriate spots? also, i was hoping to get your input on a cowl, I will gladly make it out of the foam, which is amazing for what we're doing, especially when you add the heat gun element into it.

Cowl Wise what would you suggest... cheapo rubies and fill it with clay, etc? or straight build?
nah man, I don't think it would work out well. The mesh you're using is good enough from the looks of it.

You could try to make The cowl out of foam and seal it in black plasti-dip to get it done in time.
It could work aside from the minor seam lines from putting it together.

I guess you could settle for the rubies cowl. You'd have to get it now as a back up just incase though. Which ends up defeating the purpose of making one lol
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great start bro! i'm sure you can finish it in time, looking good so far, pretty sure it's gonna look awesome in the end. :)
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