WIP - Dark Knight Cardboard Build


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Hey guys, just updating something I've been working on.

Well, my previous magneto helmet I've scrapped completely redone and it is now completely pepped. However, without the money for Resin and Bondo, I've been looking for a filler to do until around the holiday season.

Naturally, being a huge fan of Nolan's batman movies I decided to make a batman begins suit. Then I realized I couldn't.

So this is the product of that. A almost 100% cardboard, spray paint, duct tape, and window screening Dark Knight suit. I'm hoping for a Halloween finish, but I have a few backups if I can't reach that deadline.

Anyways, I've finished cutting out all of the abs, and am going to pick up a ton of duct tape and a can of spray paint this weekend. If I see it, I might pick up some foam too.

Huge thanks to omel for inspiration
and egon for the templates i'm using
Here are some pictures


great start bro, looking forward for your development pics, your chest "template" from egon looks spot on, if i'll have time i might redo my chest piece. keep us posted ;)
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