WIP CW Arrow suit


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So, I'm working on a CW Arrow cosplay and I have made some parts of it. So far, I have the hood, mask, boots, and gloves. I won't show the hood yet because there's still more that needs to be added. So far, here's the mask:
I'm going to make the bow soon as well. It's going to be this one: www.blastr.com/sites/blastr/files/Green-Arrow-20121206cnsbr13020.jpg
But, I wanted to ask if anyone had a template for it? It would really help. Anyways, what are your thoughts on the mask?
I made the quiver just about now. Also, I made an arrow that goes on the mini quiver he has on his arm. I'll post a picture of the quiver once it's done and a picture of the arm quiver.
The mask design looks pretty good, but just a heads up: without an inset for your nose it might not lay quite right on your face. I'm not sure if you've discovered that yet or not, or if you care, just wanted to give you the heads up in case.

As for the bow, I don't think anyone has a template for it. Most who have cosplayed as the Season 1 Arrow either used any bow they could find, or went for extreme accuracy and actually bought the version of the bow they used on the show. All of that info can be found in The Definitive CW Arrow Thread.
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