WIP - ANH Vader need help with chest box and belt boxes


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I have not poste to this forum in quite some time but have been a member for a long time and have been a part of the UKG since 2002!! but only now I'm I getting my VM02 ANH Vader togeather this is not the best pictures but here goes



since these picture I have the chest armour, boots, belt buckle, shin armour. But I'm finding it really hard to get hold of the items my title says the chest box ( with straps) and belt boxes.

Now I would need these in kit form (plug and play) or in a complete state as I don't have the skill or space to do any work on them in my current home can anyone help me?

Thanks so much in advance

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You should ask RUSS for help- he´s also from the UK! "RB RELPICAS"
He makes one of the best ANH boxes and buckles.

green lights can be found online, Russ makes also the knobs I think.
The mesh is sometimes offered on forums, just keep your eyes open...

I´ve got an aluminium saberhook if you´re interested.

And for the chest box I would wait untill someone might sell a AP one, those are awesome...

his web site: http://www.rbreplicas.com/index.php?cPath=25&osCsid=ec6037712dbcd6af7f5e9d84e4d527e6

BTW you´ll get better response by using the Junkyard here in the forum (same as on the prop Den)
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Thanks for the reply! I have sent Russ a mail via his website if it went though I got a strange message. I will look out for the AP chest box. I will also post a link in the junk yard maybe that will help?
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