WIP: 1/35 "Last Crusade" Mk VIII Tank

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**Thansk for the good guesses!!! It was fun! Follow along below!!****

I'm in the teasing mood.
I started this project a long time ago, and am now diving in head first and am looking to get it done fast.
This was today's work from my exciting new references.

Any guesses?
It's from the rear of the model, adn it's a land based vehicle.

Here's hoping none guesses right away!

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Re: What am I building? WIP . . .

The Land Ram (or whatever its called) from the TOS "Battlestar Galactica?"
Re: What am I building? WIP . . .

I was going to guess Aliens APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) but it would be backwards for that.:lol Got me.
Re: What am I building? WIP . . .

My first guess was the LANDMASTER from DAMNATION ALLEY. But not so sure now...

Re: What am I building? WIP . . .


I've been working on and off on this one for about a year, and subsequently squaking about it for about 10 years, but never got around to it for real, as I couldn't beleive that a tank could be that damn big in 1/35.

After my trip to WDW, I was able to get up close and personal and get some solid measurements of of it, and convert it into 1/35th scale, and thus I've got the mid section started (and nearly finished!). It's BIG.

As for the size, I've been around ALOT of tanks, as I'm fascinated by them, and I have a few models of varying tanks in 1/35. As i worked from photos and screencaps, I kept getting held up by how big the model was becoming.

While the back story of this particular tank is well known (and completely rocks from a prop standpoint), what most don't know is just HOW big it really is.

The little Kubelwagon that gets blown of it is a farily good indicator of it's size, but until you stand in front of it, you have no idea. It's bigger than a Stuart, and even a Tiger. It's even bigger than a WWI Mark II. I'm willing to think it would give a Warhammer tank a run for it's money.

The midescetion alone is 2 1/2 inches wide, and 11 inches long. Compare that to a 1/35 scale Tiger which is about 7 inches by 4 inches overall.

The hieght of the tank was something to behold, clocking in at 8 feet. Even the rivets had about an inch wide head on them. The treads are two feet wide, and are solid steel.

So again . .BIG

What was sad, is that ALL of the tools and gear has been striped off the tank, BUT I was able to discover ALOT of panels and bolts that aren't seen in the final film. While they'll be covered on the model too, I'll still know they're there. It was also cool to open the side door and crawl inside. The seat and dashboard is all there still, and I regret not getting a picture.

Here's just a few pics from the "exploration", but be forwarned . .they are graphic, as the tank is in a sad, sad state. I'd love to get a group of us together to head down and do a week long resoration, as the steel is in perfect shape, but the thick paint is rotting off. She needs some love.



Working on the turret today while paint dries on my other project, and i'm adding rivets too! Enjoy!
Re: What am I building? Last Crusade Mk VIII Tank WIP . . .

I wonder if is based on a real tank? or the core is? Kit bashed from real life tanks?
Re: What am I building? Last Crusade Mk VIII Tank WIP . . .

I guess the story isn't that well known . . .

This has been recounted in a few different ways, most recently in The Complete Making of Indiana Jones
I'll give you the short version.
They orginally wanted a small French tank, but when mechanical effects director George Gibbs toured different musuems and the like, the found the WWI tanks had the right look. They were big and ugly, and were large enough for stunts on the back. But none of the big WWI tanks were running anymore, let alone the fact that the one they wanted, the Mark 8 version, had only five tanks built before the war ended.

So this guys tells Speilberg, "I'm just gonna build one."

And he did just that, out of solid one inch steel (thicker in some spots), making her over 40 feet long, and weighing in at 28 tons, with a top speed of 12 miles per hour.
Thats the tank you see in Disneyworld, along with a troop truck and the Citreon car that they did the tunnel stunt/plane effects with(the effects plane is rotting away in the waiting que to the stunt show).

A second tank was built, for all the stunt sequences you see on film, but it was just the top of the tank, and it rode on a truck frame/axle. It was on the backlot tour for the first few years of MGM Studios, but being made out of wood, disappeared quickly. Note the side gun ports sitting on top.
To spot this tank easily in the film, look for the rubber track, and teh high walls along the engine bay.

I'm cruising along on the model, as I've been researching and pondering this thing for years. It's coming together fairly quick, and I even managed to find a Verlinden set or two that will outfit the whole tank's equipment package, which is the part of the build I'm most looking forward too.



A 1/35 Stuart for comparison, BIG right?
Re: What am I building? Last Crusade Mk VIII Tank WIP . . .

Thanks a lot for the short story which was new for me!

The beast is coming together very nicely, it's a shame that it looks impossible to kit (especially with the tracks).

Re: "Last Crusade" Mk VIII Tank, Scratchbuild 1/35 WIP . . .

Kitting it wouldn't be impossible, but the amount of farming out I'd have to do would be ridiculous. Just the amount of pressure casting and photo etch would be mind boggling.

But you never know!!

I did more work on the turret today, and boy, I am tired after all teh tiny stuff!! Just two more hangers, and some rivets, and the turrets done. THen onto the rear of the tank body.


Re: "Last Crusade" Mk VIII Tank, Scratchbuild 1/35 WIP . . .

I was wondering when you were going to get back to the Steele Beast. Looking really good.

Re: "Last Crusade" Mk VIII Tank, Scratchbuild 1/35 WIP . . .

Took long enough, right? Hey, headed your way first week in May, better have some work for me to do!!:)

Did the rear engine cover, which is incorrect (too few slats), but I'm happy with.

Now I'm torn between finshing the face or the rear end first. . .hmmm . . .

Oh, if anyone's curious on how I'm riviting the tank, I'm using Mod Podge in two dabs, a large one, then a smaller dab after the first dries clear. The rivets on this tank are less pronounced than on modern tanks, so the Mod Podge works great.

This is a realllllyyy fun project, and I'm definatly working out how to kit it in my head, and may build another for that purpose. It would be an expensive kit though . . .and I don't think nowadays is the time for expensive. *shurgs*
We'll see.
More to come!

Re: "Last Crusade" Mk VIII Tank, Scratchbuild 1/35 WIP . . .

Cool! Glad you're having fun :)

Attached are some pix I took in late March of last year. One is a crappy picture of the tank, and one is of a truck or car door with the Hatay marking on it. Hope it's useful.

-Mike J.
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