Winter soldier/Bucky Barnes robotic arm


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I've been considering my try at bucky's robotic arm for a while, but still can't find a way to make a good one.
How did you guys make yours or how do you think i could make a good one, no worbla or other super expensive things,
open to almost everything.


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I've made an arm from a bag/duct tape mould of my arm and craft foam. Feel free to look at my photo album for before and afters.

Also, I'm doing an arm 3.0 in a Spiderman way using layered silver spandex over an Under Armor shirt with foam placed for muscle definition and drawing on the plates. Cons get so hot and the foam arms are so stiff, I am trying something more flexible.



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oh my god that's amazing! what did you make it with?
I made it using ordinary foam mats and pva glue
i also tried to seal the gaps with silicon caulking but this was only the second time i used foam and i was still learning
so i wouldnt use silicon again