Winter Soldier Arm Sculpt/Mold


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Hello, I am not sure this is the right place to post but here goes
I wanted to make a winter solider arm. Searched some threads and reached out to an awesome member here who helped me a ton (I mea a TON)
I plastered my arm, filled it with foam filler, sculpted the musculature and lines(almost done) , and then I want to mold/ cast it.
I have never sculpted or cast anything before so this is a big undertaking for me and may not turn out like I want but I have had loads of fun(and some frustration) to this point.
I am almost finished with the detail lines on the sculpt and will probably have lots of molding questions so I hope this is the place....
I hope to start molding in a couple weeks.

2015-03-20_07-27-37_645.jpgclay arm.jpg2015-05-02_18-44-43_280.jpg20150510_191451.jpg


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Update, almost finished with the upper arm. might be able to finish the lower arm by the weekend.
I need to get to ordering the materials does this sound right for this size project?

1 gal rebound 25
Pigment to distinguish the layers
Thinner for first coat
Thickener for last 2 coats

Sonite wax and mold release(not sure how much of this?)

1 gall plastipaste or plastipaste 2 for mother mold

1 gal smoothcast 65D



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Looks really cool already!

hm I haven't worked with a thinner for the first coat yet, but I am really curious about how good it works. Same for the Sonite wax and mold release.


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Thanks Nygiant. Never done this at all. I was reading the smooth-on site and it suggested a thinner. I have done some searches here and really cant find a definitive answer. There is lots of advise to call smooth- on and discuss the specific project so I will do that. I think I will need the thickener B/C I need to fill an undercut on the opposite side of the picture under the under arm.

Didn't get to start the lower arm lines yet but I will soon. also I think I will re do the curved lines near the elbow, they are not quite right..


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I think I am 99% finished with the sculpt. I am pretty happy with t he way it turned out. The lines were difficult, it was like a puzzle.
The next step is clear coat I think. Any suggestions moving forward with the molding process?


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I de-molded the silicone from the sculpt and it seems to be in good shape and useable. (whew!)
I have never done this so I was hoping for some suggestions if possible for the first cast.
I have smooth on 65d for the roto cast.

1. I think I need to clean the mold first. It has some small particles from the plaster base sculpt and the mother mold material . What do I clean it with?
2. I am planning on painting the cast. Is it ok to use mann ease 200 on the mold before casting?
3. With the large opening for the shoulder and arm do I just have to be really careful while casting to get good coverage and not spill?

Any help is appreciated, thanks


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With the size and shape of that mold, and since it's your first time doing this: You are going to make a mess. Cover the table or area your working in, give yourself some space. My suggestion would be to pour in the 65d against the inside walls of the mold so you start with pretty decent coverage, then let a bunch of it pool in the shoulder area and use a disposable chip brush to brush it up to the edges of the mold. You're going to want to do the last part fairly quickly as 65d cures quicker when its warm and 65d gives off heat as it cures. So a pool of it cures faster than a thin film of it.


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Thanks a lot for the tips imnotahero, I like the brush idea, hadn't thought of that for the shoulder area.


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There was definitely a mess but not too much excess spill except on the first pass. Brushing up the side of the shoulder/open part was great advice and saved a lot off mess for me thanks again imnotahero. I will know in a couple hours how it went


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Just pulled the first cast . About as good as I could have hoped, actually way better than I could have imagined. I cant believe it really.


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Thanks again imnotahero and mr mold maker!
Well it fits! I wasn't expecting it to go on without cutting it in two pieces(at the elbow) however with some lube and finagling I was able to get it on.
I might just leave this pull as a one-piece and experiment with future pulls.
After 3 months of this its a relief that it fits relatively well.

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Wet sanded to 800. Next I plan on laying down the gloss black before the chrome paint.
planning star size and placement as well, I think this is pretty close though.



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This is turning out really badass man. Looking forward to seeing the final piece.
Thanks !
I am struggling with the painting. Seems chrome effect rattle can paint and even airbrush is a compromise between shine/durability/handling.
I cant find a local place that chromes plastic and it is probably too costly anyway.
Tomorrow I am going to a good local auto paint shop and checking out the brightest silver I can find and then clear coating in gloss for shine and durability.
Does that sound like a decent compromise?
Any other suggestions?