Winter 2017-2018 Project: DL-18 Jabba's guard blaster


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I'm very excited for this build - I never really thought I'd get into this blaster's world, mainly because RO-72 target pistols are very hard to come by. Unlike the Obi Wan saber parts, where you could frequent multiple military websites, there are only so many places you can look for old cheap bb guns before you just end up using time.

Until that time comes, I think I've found a way in. There are a few models that are built similar to the Umarex Panther RO-72. The Winchester model has a LARGE scoop for your thumb and that was weird enough that I avoided getting one. There is also a Manu-Arm French air pistol that has a sharp trigger guard and slightly different grip. Surprisingly, the trigger guard is really the only distinguished difference. It also comes with a completely different sight (which is removed for this project anyways) and it leaves the rear of the gun shaped a bit differently as well. It's usually a full circle on Panther pistols, and on a Manu-arm, a slice is taken off the top.

I recently won an auction that stayed under the radar, so I was the only bid. I love when that happens.

Anyway - here's the pistol I won!

(I'm going to attempt to cut my own side plates, and a member or two have been nice enough to help find greeblies)

Oh yea, I was able to dredge up some of those cross knobs that are used on some star wars props. They are also on their way to me :)


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hey, I am interested where you found this cross knob, what is its origin and on which other blasters it is used.
Lots of luck with the build!


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I'd also like info on the cross knob. I have several other greeblies put together from source kits, but the cross knob has eluded me for over a year. Any info would be greatly appreciated!


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So, I got the gun. I'm surprised at how creaky and brittle the handle feels, and how TOPHEAVY it is. Seems like all the air pistols with handles like this are top heavy. They have almost empty handles and the pressurized gun portion is dense and strong.

Still - I also forgot how big it is. I could literally hold it with two hands and it would look normal. It has the white sight insert and it's in great shape. I'll upload some pics soon. (thinking of filling the handle with putty and adding some nuts and hardware in there for weight.
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Here we go, crappy cell phone pics first!


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Sluis Van Shipyards

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I always assumed that knob was a "hat switch" used on military aircraft flight controls. I never looked enough to confirm it though. I'm sure since I sold my base pistol all the parts will get figured out now. :lol


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Tom this looks great! How did you find the air soft in the first place?

I heard these are impossible to find here in the states

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This gun happened to pop up on evil bay from out west. I found a white one on an air gun classified online that had already sold :(

theres a range of folks who are serious shooters and don’t own a firearm, or already do and practice air pistol shooting or pellet stuff I think. These pistols are cool but not that valuable from that view

here are some better shots! It’s longer than the Yuma saber, and another that was called to set and shouldn’t have been there...

Got the front sight flipped. Had to hammer it off the barrel and back on, used a piece of wood as a buffer, it’s press fit on! The original bolt and nut got screwed up somehow, and I replaced them with hardware stuff. I also had to carve another scoop in the top of the barrel to let the new bolt pass through, since I moved the front sight forward to better match the screen blaster.
On the side it says: MANU•ARM CAL.4,5 ‘177

the knob has a D shaped hole with a metal plate on the flat side :)

i have a lead lead on the scope as using a Bakelite high voltage probe... more to come!

Looks like ill I’ll add the endcap AND the threaded tube to the back actually, after removing the sight.


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That is a long blaster damn!! Is that little greeblie cap a model piece from a rocket or bomb?

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Anyone with a casting of the scope, can you post pictures with some measurements and a ruler?

Anyone with better pictures of the scope, are there any seam lines? Can you share the pics? (even in a PM)

I have a found part that could be 75% of the scope but I have my doubts. Came in the mail today, gotta get ahold of kurtyboy ... s-l300.jpg
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Before I work on scratch building anything, I wanted to reinforce the handle. This thing is top heavy and the hollow handle creaks when I pick it up. Not anymore! Black Apoxie Sculpt and some heavy nuts and couplings helped even out the weight. I sliced and carved channels for the trigger and break barrel mechanisms to swing freely - even though this photo looks a bit messy :lol IMG_0001.JPG IMG_0002.JPG

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