Winnie Sanderson Costume - Help and Opinions Needed


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Hey Everyone

I've recently been re-looking at some of my favourite costumes etc in movie history (stumbled across a few good blogs etc) and i thought this particular costume warranted it's own thread.
I'm sure most of you have seen the film 'Hocus Pocus' in your lifetime, it's not only a staple of Halloween viewing, but some of Disney's best live-action work :)
Anyway i was wondering if anyone had attempted "Winifred Sanderson's" costume from this movie?
I found these AMAZING pictures online and have emailed a costumer about perhaps doing a commission for me.

Also wondering if anyone would be interested in comission work for this piece for me?

I have next to no knowledge on costuming in it's base form, sewing etc - but this costume seems incredibly complex? Is it? or is it just made to look that way?

Can't wait to hear thoughts and opinions etc x


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I don't think its an exact replica. The fabric is a little too dark. They is no tie-dye purple mixed in. I found a really go picture of the ACTUAL costume that was on display in Disney World and although it "Good" not exact and DEFIANTLY not worth $2500. I'm going to tackle this costume for this year's Halloween Project :) I'll start a thread probably end of this month beginning of next.

Now its time to watch the movie about 10 thousand time and look at different angles lol