Wind Waker Darknut


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Hello my fellow replica makers! After a while of lurking around the boards, I've finally decided to register and become a full member.
Anyway, obligatory first post speech aside, I just thought I'd post something on here pertaining to my first project: A Wind Waker Darknut.
For those that don't play LoZ, the darknut is a mini boss that is essentially a big armored knight with a big sword. I've been planning on creating the armor out of craft foam and just thought I'd ask for some opinions. I've got a buddy helping me who is a genius with working with foam but I'd appreciate any tips you gents have.
Cool! That sounds like an awesome costume! Cant wait to see progress pics!
I'm currently working on Zora armor from Twilight Princess. :p
Look forward to seeing some progress ChinstrapMike!
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