Will Turner, Orlando Bloom cosplay costume


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I think that, when painted in a old copper brownish color, they'll do the trick;) (y)
I grabbed a rubbed oil bronze as my finish coat. Because this scene costume has heavy color grading and some costume incontinuity from previous, I want to get full pose shots with the full black buttons and another set when I add the brown you described as it will then be a match for the previous movies in full sun, like the following:


Then I will have a higher likeihood of an onscreen match with having two sets of colors and lighting.


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A little stop on the way to bandanaland. I finally found some really good close up pics of the bandana pattern with fresh prints. Now let's discuss color grading, aging and products made as "screen match" items. The bandana in real life is a light olive green but very muted. As a swatch color, it would be Pantone 5777 uncoated.

This varies from picture to picture. It is then highly drained of the olive hue onscreen and presents as a light gray, somewhat darker when wet. Represented as a screen match, it is far more likely to call it dingy gray. (correction: due to inconsistent digital color grading the same bandana in the same lighting and same scene shows as gray then green then gray, within seconds of each other)


As for pattern, the early movies are weathered and the pattern is faint and broken. This is what was used to create the Max Cady version available online.
Screenshot_20220609-224433_Samsung Internet.jpg
The following pic is a super hi res of his later appearances, when the pattern is clear and solid. In the potc5 reunion scene, the bandana looks new off the production line, no weathering.

Screenshot_20220731-234753_Samsung Internet.jpg

There are two diamonds made of two sets of shapes. In the clearer pics it can be seen that one is a set of circles with a vertical bar clipped out. The second set is ovals with three horizontal bars clipped out. All very geometric and precise. I have recreated these in an illustrator file that I will upload after testing. Because any print or stamp type can bleed, I need to practice to see how big the clipped bars need to be to not close completely after print bleed. A pic of my setup is here, not yet tested on cloth.
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Here are the png/jpg for anyone wanting to make a stamp. One for the circles and one for the ovals. I will upload the Illustrator files as well. The Max Cady version reports to be 27.5 inch by 60 inch. I have not tested length yet but width at most is 12 inches. It only ever covers from his eyebrows to the crown of his head. It never covers the back of his head and does not look to be doubled up in any shots (if it is 24 and triple section folded, it would be screen correct) The material in the movie would be far more similar to a sash than a standard bandana. I will do some cutting and measuring tomorrow with old bedsheets and will post the results. If my measurements come back with near 11, these can be printed and ironed by chaining several 8.5x11 tshirt transfer prints of the pattern onto the sash length. my guess is the total length is nowhere near 60 as in the advertised version. One pack of tshirt prints for 10 sheets is 10 dollars. That is enough to do a transfer of 11x80 after cutting and fitting the ends together. The transfers would need to have the locking edges cut and locked together to avoid double printing over any of the edge portions. I think any double printing or double transfer would stand out as a darker row. It would be better to cut the pattern to fit together with no duplicates laying over one another. And I just walked into the other room and cut a test strip of 9 by 42 after doing some measurements and inserting 42 as a given.... :) So it fits nearly exact to the length shown in his picture and I have a big head so it is likely smaller than this (correction, 42 in the one scene but in potc5 it is much longer and could be 60). With an 8 by 42 and printing the pattern landscape (do not tip the pattern as it does have a direction) on 8.5 x 11, it would only take 4 prints on tshirt transfers to print the entire bandana. So this means I will certainly upload a landscape version with the pattern laying correctly for landscape 11x8.5 printing. If after printing you get a partial pattern on the edge, you can either cut it out to show only completed diamonds or you can tuck the edge under (I would rather cut it off the print and not have to hassle with tucking the edges).

and mine (for size comparison only, this is scrap material)



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As for Adobe Illustrator files, I can't seem to upload them. Anyone have some RPF tips on how to upload AI files? This one is important for the value of this thread. What can I do to offer my pattern files so they can be useful?
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