Will triple-thick glaze help get a perfect glossy coat on hand-sanded items?


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I do a lot of FDM 3D print post-processing, and there's always little corners and crevices where I can't fully sand. This creates defects that show up in the glossy coat.

I don't think I can get at these corners without a sand blaster/ abrasive water jet tool, so I'm looking for some kind of paint solution. Would Krylon Triple-Thick Glaze work to smooth out any of these details? If not, what do people usually do to overcome this issue?
If I print with FDM and I know it will need a nice finish I will only print with 0.1 or 0.07 layer height.
the time take to sand it smooth is shorter then having a fast print at 0.2 or higher and sand for days :)

There are some who use an Epoxy resin to smoothen surfaces or even UV curing resin, that is much more easy to sand
Triple thick epoxy doesn't work that well, but better than sandable primer filler. It still tends to take the shape of the layers.
As xeno mentioned, UV curing resin is less viscous and tends to pool in lower areas making it ideal for those hard to reach areas.


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