will a low temperature make resin kick slower?

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by LeMarchand, Jun 15, 2006.

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    I was wondering if resin will kick slower if it has a low temperature. Asking because i need to fill a 400 cc mold and i currently only have fast setting resin handy and i can't fill the mold fully before the mixed resin starts curing and becomes too thick to fully fill the mold. So, if i put A and B in the fridge and mix them when they have cooled, will i have more time befor it kicks?


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    Yes, you will gain a few minutes, probably even double the working time on a fast kicking resin...
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    It will work sometimes. I've even read where some people keep a small 'fridge in their workshops just for their resin.

  4. vaderman1701

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    You can also try chilling the silicon mold as well. In theory it should slow the cure process down withthe resin. I know when you heat the mold it accelerates the cureing time.

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    Do not cool your mould in the freezer. I did that once and there was
    condens when I casted the resin leaving strange marks on the casting.



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