"Wilfred" on FX, Sureal Dog Experiences

Kerr Avon

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I finally got a chance to catch a viewing of "Wilfred" on FX with Elijah Wood. Oh my god this show is surreal. Tonight involved Wilfred going through a violating experience involving peanut butter when he's left with a dog sitter. It's really unclear if Elijah's character is just psychotic in his interactions with the human like Wilfred, or if Wilfred really CAN somehow communicate with him.. or maybe it's just all the pot they smoke. Either way, freaking funny show.
Glad someone posted about this; I think the US take is not bad at all. The original is a bit more specific: "man learns about boundaries and relationships via friendship with dog" but the US version seems a fair bit broader in scope.

That said, have caught two episodes of the new series and am enjoying it greatly:)
I didn't think this show was going to be that good but I've seen the first two episodes and it is pretty good. Anyone who has ever owned a dog can identify with what wilfred says and does. It's definitely worth a watch :D
I love the Australian version of this show. I haven't had a chance to catch any of the American version, but from what I hear it's not too bad. I love the fact that they stuck with the original Wilfred too.
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