Wild goose chase? Looking for X-Wing studio scale detail markings downsized for :72 (FM kits to build)


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Realize that the market for such likely dwindled years ago, but I've got a bunch of old FM kits still and will be building one as a gift soon. Shape and other concerns aside, I'd like to kick its marking level up a bit and incorporate some of the tertiary details you can find in the sliced and diced decals on the filming models. Even though these kits are Fine Molds, there isn't much that would rule out any made for Bandai (shudder). So far all I've found for B though has been fairly generic and not accurate to any ss bird. And yeah if needed I can cut apart some myself etc, but would be cool to see what is out there and spark some ideas.

Any leads, thoughts? Thanks.
! Last night someone reminded me that the FM folks did quite a good job of trying to provide markings, and now I remember them being for at least the 'main three' ('Luke's group'- 2, 3, and 5). I hadn't got my kits out of storage yet and hadn't remembered that.

If other options pop up, I'll be sure to drop links in here. Would still love to know if anyone has done a more complete decal survey (well, outside of the usual suspect ss modelers) and 'transcribed' for :72.
Moffeaton has a set for Studio Scale:

I don't know of any for 1/72.
I don't know if FM had all of the markings but they had most at least, including the split upside down stars from the Tamiya logo.
Here is a 1:72 FM decal sheet


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