Why no Dark Knight video game?


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While I'd be skeptical that it would be any good, I'm surprised this was never cashed in on. Theres a game of almost every super hero movie pumped out along with the film. If it had been done in the style of Arkham Asylum (which with a few changes to the story could have easily been a TDK sequel) it could have been awesome. Again, I know it most likely would have been "meh" at best (just like the Batman Begins game), but I know that surely WASN'T the reason it didnt get made... thoughts?

edit: I guess one was in the works but scrapped for reasons unknown: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dark_Knight_(video_game)
I think the Dark Knight universe would work for games and i actually am shocked they didn't make any as nearly every movie gets a game (sadly most aren't good). i think if they'd do one Arkham style and have those writers do it then it would be great. Then again i just love the writer's work all the way back to the animated series in the 90s and justice league.
Sometimes movie games are fantastic. Like the game for Spiderman 2. That game was all sorts of fantastic! I'm glad they didn't make a TDK game. The movie was so good that, sadly, chances are that it would've just put the game to shame.

I'm hopeful with anything related to Batman, though, so who knows.
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