Why Is There No Vacuum Formed Iron Man Armour?


Anyone know of a specific reason there are now Vaccum formed sets or even partial sets of iron man armour out there. Seems like the cheapest way to produce a fairly accurate costume simular to the Stormtrooper and biker scout armour. I know TMF (Sp?) had some Vacuum formed parts in thier armour but not for the whole costume. I still don't see why Iron man armour is only availble for £3,000 upwards with no cheaper Vacuum formed armour like the Stormtrooper armour which is £300 upwards. Am I missing something obvious?

I know a lot of the cheaper Star wars stuff are probably recasts but £300 compared to £3,000 really?
youd get an acceptable pull from a hi quality original, but you would need a very good reproduction to begin with and a willing person to let you vac form there work.

if someone pulled a vac of the costume, sold it on - then thats when the problems arise as others will vac form the vac form one they have - this is when the breakdown of lines and detail begins as others do the same - then you end up with poor suits swamping the market at low prices

take my airwolf helmet build im currently doing - thats vac formed, not lost too much in quality, and with some work it looks great imo, i hate the material its made of in a way - some places are thinner than others.........in an ideal world someone would have made a cast of this in silicone and produced gell coated and resin backed items for the people that dont have 1000usd to spend on a genuine steven sull replica
@brimst0ne13 I have seen some pretty good vac formed parts with fair detail. The MK3 doesn't seem to have too much detail that I would think wouldn't pull ok. Depends on how good you want the final product, I would think a Vac Formed pull would be better than foam.

@who45 Yeah i agree with you on these recasts some of them are awful in terms of quality and out of scale. I think they probably fill the pull to make another master and touch it up in attempt to regain some detail.

Even taking that into account I would have thought a vac formed costume would blow anythign store brough out of the water and shouldn't cost anywhere near £3,000 for untrimmed parts. I think really I was just looking for a more affordable way that might be more in reach with peoples budgets.
i have a vac form colonial marine armour which i finished (i put a thread up the other day) - there are alot of details different to the original, but amazing what can be done with some silver paint to highlight areas to make it look worn and to regain the look of the actual used item. the armour was never taken off the original props - but more of a persons interpretation of tha armour - overall i was happy with it - not perfect but perfect comes at alot of money from terry english lol
I guess the real issue is the cost of having a decent sized table, Wonder if the front could be done in 2 pieces and as such made on a smaller table. I think I need to see how big our table is here, i'm guessing it's only A4 though which should still be big enough to do some parts on. Hmmm, might try and make a set of shoulder bells on it.
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