Question Why is there a splash page?


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It's just an extra step to click through after typing in

Is this really necessary?


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I have always wondered about that too...

its easy enough to put in a redirect to the 'forum' sub directory...

Art Andrews

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When we were on the previous software, it was housed in the root dir. When we migrated, we wanted to make sure we had functioning redirects and did not want to commingle the old with the new, plus it is a best-practice to keep your community in a /forums or /community folder so the root landing page can be used for whatever. With the RPF there isn’t much else, but we have that structure in place to maintain the redirects and to allow us flexibility in the future.

Yes, you have to type a tiny bit more but 1) your bookmarks should be to /forums and after you have been here a time or two, when you start to type the url it should automatically add /forums for you.