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Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by Zorger, Feb 13, 2012.

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    Hey guys!

    I'm Petsku, a like-minded movie fan from Finland!

    The reason I finally joined the RPF is because a guy from a small magazine or other (them journalist types) came to my home for an interview (that didn't have to do with movie props) but during the interview he got interested in my prop and replica collection and wanted to take photos.

    So I thought if my stuff becomes public knowledge (though it's a small article and probably about 11 people will read it) I might as well join and share with people from around the world.

    When people see such stuff they might be like "what's with all that", etc. But I just saw an article by a movie critic who calls himself the "Hulk", where he lists the reasons he loves movies. I was inspired to write my own list.

    Why Do I Love Movies:

    - Because of how I cried in the theater as a kid when I thought E.T. died.

    - Because of the meaningful, bonding conversations that can be held between movie geeks using only movie quotes.

    - Because of what Darth Vader told Luke in Empire Strikes Back.

    - Because of the end of Donnie Darko.

    - Because Kyle Reese went back in time for Sarah.

    - Because no matter which state in the US you might live in, the OUTATIME vanity license plate is already taken.

    - Because of the scene in The Abyss when Bud tries to revive his ex-wife Lindsey after she has drowned.

    - Because of Jack Burton.

    - Because of what it was like seeing Jurassic Park for the first time.

    - Because of every song in Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas.

    - Because of Bill Murray in Ghostbusters.

    - Because Sean Connery told Harrison Ford that they named the dog Indiana.

    - Because of Liam Neeson's final speech in Schindler's List.

    - Because Rutger Hauer came up with his own last words in Blade Runner.

    - Because Ripley wanted to nuke the entire site from orbit, the only way to be sure.

    - Because when Leia said "I love you", Harrison Ford said "I know".

    - Because of Leo and Matilda.

    - Because of how awesome it was to see the Predator take his mask off and duke it out with Arnold.

    - Because of Milla Jovovich in The Fifth Element.

    - Because in one scene in Terminator 2 the T-1000 was cooking dinner.

    - Because of how the agents run away after Neo comes back to life.

    - Because of Heath Ledger's Joker in The Dark Knight.

    - Because in Galaxy Quest they never gave up, never surrendered.

    - Because in the end Robocop says his name is Murphy.

    Best Regards,
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    Because I think it's as old as human society gathered around a fire tens of thousands of years ago. The flickering imagery on screen is not unlike that fire as our ancestors heard a story.

    To imagine what has been, what is, and what can be is I think an actual necessity for the human mind.

    And because Ash showed the primitive scewheads his boomstick.
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    Yeah that's the article! :)

    I was immediately so inspired that I had to write my own list even though it's 3AM in the night here in Finland at the moment and I should really be sleeping.

    Best Regards,
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    Because The Dude abides!

    Because Christopher Walken put a watch up his butt for Bruce Willis.

    Because we will always have Paris.
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    Movies are my friends. :)

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    TnA and TNT!


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