why are people still buying from zentai zentai?


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Before I start. Yes I know that there's a thread for stolen zentai suits.
I decided to put it out ther so people are not quick to judge.

I just ask because people are still from zentai zentai just because it's cheaper than spending $100 on a dye sub print
I am not sure it's really endorsed by people who the suits but I doubt it.

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There's a difference between being cheap/stingy with your money, and stealing.

Zentai Zentai are the equivalent of "companies" that sell pirated films.

Why would you support that?

There are always ways around getting a sub. I'm currently making a TASM 2 suit from scratch (red and blue fabric) because I couldn't justify spending $180~ on a print right now. The fabric only cost me $20 at Joann's with a coupon.

I will say though, it would definitely be worth it. After spending 6 hours cutting out red and blue fabric and sewing it together as "one piece," I would have to work 6 hours at $30 an hour to balance that.

So spending $100~ on a stolen print suit, is never justifiable.
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Which Zentai source is the most reputable? I want to build a deadpool soon and I'm not familiar with any zentai controversy. Can I get a brief rundown on what to steer clear of?


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Thanks! I guess since I've never used a bodysuit I never looked at these zentai threads. Didn't realize all this was happening. So, I guess for Deadpool I will go anywhere but this zentai-zentai place.

Jango Wes

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There are several good vendors out there. Find one you like and just vet them here, just like you would a Fett vendor on TDH. Easy peasy.
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