Wht is th best Batman cosume fom the Dark Knight to buy

Is that your actual face painted or is it a mask for the joker? Or is that even a costume (looks more like a statue) since its dead on the movie style.
I think it is a statuette. Look at the hair and if it is a mask then it is very tight fitting to the head.

Just did a digital zoom on the picture. It is a statue, not a person.....
For an actual Batman suit, there are a number of people I think can help you on the League of Heroes message board - but that is a severely more complicated - and more expensive costume to put together.
The photos are of mannaquins the joker has the head from Howard Studios.

As for the UD batman suits i have seen them, but not sure if you would get a cowl to match the suit.

if you want the absolute best tdk suit then contact kris from hells kitchen.. be prepared to shell out several grands for it.
I saw two listings on ebay recently, 2.5k and 2.8k. I think ones from spidey4fun and the other from a dark knight short film they made. They both look superb. If only I had the money lol. However the cheaper one is custom made for your size is what I gather from the listing
Batman "can i ask you something?"
random docter "what is it now?"
Batman "can you ask me that again but with more words?"
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Batman "I'M BATMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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