Who's worked w/ Vanillacryl?


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Curious if anyone here has worked w/ Vanillacryl.

I'll be using it for coating a foam buck. Curious if it will hold up to thermoforming if I lay it on thick.

Also wondering if it's as sandable as described.

LMK if you've messed w/ it.

Hey Ron, if you plug your product here, at least give us some pics or a correct link to look at ;)

I am sure that the costuming crowd might get a kick out of using that material if it can be used on EVA foam.
How about an answer to the question posted instead of spamming the board? :unsure

Needless to say an introduction.
Since you are here simply spamming traffic to your site and not actually assisting the forum, I'll toss in a few more question to see if you have any other intentions beyond spamming... Your new interior product appears by all accounts to be a plaster based coating very similar to Foam Coat Exterior that I have used in the past, but yours is nearly twice the cost and twice the shipping? Can you tell me how they compare? What makes yours different or better? I failed to see any technical data on your website in regards to this product...

I'm actually in the market to purchase in the next 24-48 hours for project I'm in the middle of for our annual community fair in 3 weeks... I'm making a '50s style foam sculpt of a car that fits over a wagon for my daughters to participate in the child wagon/bike parade...

So sell me on your product...
My guess is they hired a new guy in marketing and one of his first jobs was to find forums where VanillaCryl was mentioned and pimp the product.

I get the feeling that stuff was designed more for sets and scenery and less for small objects. But that stuff might have been good for the prop I am working on.
I wonder how it compares to "Scenic Dope" that people mix themselves out of ingredients from the hardware store ...

I'm actually leaning that way for my project right now after this thread got me thinking about alternatives again, mostly because I can get it over the counter... I have used 50/50 blends of plaster and latex paint in the past as a coating, but I might mix it up this time and toss in some latex caulk as well to give it a little more elasticity and glue like properties...
My guess is they hired a new guy in marketing and one of his first jobs was to find forums where VanillaCryl was mentioned and pimp the product.

Probably, but it's the 21st century and that is honestly IMO the worst way to market a product to your potential customer base, the average forum user HATES and DESPISES drive by SPAM postings... It's become one of the rudest and most inconsiderate things a 'newbie' forum member can do, especially when they represent said company and it's their sole purpose in joining the forum, as evidenced here thus far...

The topic of foam coatings comes up quite often on this forum, thus there is a potential market, and first impressions can either promote or damn your product...
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