Interest Who's up for a demon killing dagger / Ruby dagger from Supernatural?


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Have had a few requests to get a new run rolling along, so here's the official interest thread :)

FAQ and whatnot!

Alpha rule - Here's a long video of me answering EVERY single question I can think of that I have been asked about this knife, the design, the handle, etc. Your answer will more than likely be in here somewhere. : <--- WATCH THIS IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS.

1: No money needed at the moment, payments will be asked for when the run is a go, and will be collected before the order's placed.
2: I can do sharp, I can do false edged, I can't edit the order once it's been placed.
3: If you want a sheath, AWESOME. If you don't, also awesome. Some people use em, some don't. Don't leave your knife in em though. There's no price difference between getting a sheath and not getting a sheath, so it's up to you. Again, don't store your knife in the sheath.
4: Even blunted with a faux edge, these are STILL METAL KNIVES. You can poke an eye out. Be careful.
5: Stainless steel blade, acid etched runes on both sides, stainless steel guard, stag horn hilt. We may or may not offer plating on this run, we need to find out from the plating guy if he's got time for us.

Guesstimated price estimate is 165$, and that's for a stainless steel blade and guard (no plating) and a real stag handle. We might be getting the new horn in from Spain which is AWESOME but also a little pricey, but it looks amazing. That's the absolute highest it'll be though. We won't be importing the stag horn if the price is gonna get jacked up to crazy levels.

Turnaround time for the order, once it's placed, is about 2 1/2 weeks to a month. Bigger the order the longer the wait. It takes time to acid etch the steel, and you can't really rush perfection. I'm also giving us a generous amount of time to have the horn clear customs as well.

Picture of a random one I got in the last run we did :

So, if you are up for a blade, post up and let me know!



I was in on the last run and can testify to the quality of these! The horn handle is such a unique extra to the replica and it's definitely something you want to add to your Supernatural collection.


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Glad ya like the piece :)

Doesn't seem like there's much interest in the blade at the moment, so I'll check to see what sort of minimum run requirement the guy has.

Maybe try again closer to the season premiere?



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Been a while since the last bump but since I'm getting a new order together for another design, I can add a few of these to the order as well.

Let me know if you are still interested and I will check on a price. Estimate the price to be around 125-150$. It'll include the sheath, more than likely. I think that's worked into the price somehow.

Anyway, if you want one, lemme know :)
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