"Who's got the throat-slitter?" My Grand Budapest Hotel throat-slitter replica


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I love this movie!! I've seen some awesome replicas and thought I would take a "stab" at it myself. (Sorry, couldn't resist!)

Looking at the reference, the base looks like a vintage toothbrush which I couldn't find a good mach so, it was time to make one.

The master was made from wood, then I molded it and cast it in resin. I took it out before it was completely cured and added the slight bend. I then added natural bristles from a chip brush. Then I weathered the handle and distressed the bristles. After picking up a vintage straight razor I took it apart and roughed in what needed to be removed.

I used 5 min. epoxy to help secure the razor to the handle and wrapped it with the correct red and white bakers twine.

A fun build! I'm planning to offer casts of the toothbrush handles with the option of adding bristles in the Junkyard so if you're interested, keep an eye out for the interest thread. ;)