Who's building a V.I.N.Cent.?


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vincent with metal paint.jpg

I would like to touch base with those who are building a full-size V.I.N.Cent. from The Black Hole; either from Bill Morris' excellent castings or otherwise. I'm getting into the final stages with mine (above) and I'd like to see how others are tackling particular issues like lights, painting, etc.

PM me here, respond to this thread, or email me at mbradley3@cfl.rr.com.




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Awesome would love to build one of these, don't know if your aware Disney has a remake planned for the Blackhole

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Wish I could build one by myself ! I don't know why but I like the movie ''The Black Hole'' and wish we get a restored version on Blu Ray soon!?
What would be cool is a life size ''Maxinilian''!!
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