Who would you cast as the next Batman?


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Now that we are only months away from seeing the last of the Nolan Batman Trilogy, I was curious who you all think should play Batman in the next reboot and who should the villains be (actors and characters)?


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even though he is magneto, I thought Michael Fassbender would be a good candidate..

Maybe Sam Worthington, Ryan Gosling, Armie Hammer

Honestly, I think Bale fits batman. He can tweak the voice better, but he is batman to me. Plays Bruce Wayne perfectly.
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Honestly, I think Bale fits batman

i agree totally, the only batman i liked that came close was keaton - shame we lost batman to the sillyness of joel schumachers vision and 2 terrible batman actors.


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Michael Keaton. Should come back for a adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns.

He'll always be more Batman to me than Bale.


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Bale is good but I wish his Bruce Wayne would lose the humor. Perhaps we'll see that in the last movie.

For the next Batman, I would cast whoever works well with the guy playing the next Superman. Yes, I'm thinking far ahead as I recall Nolan saying that the Superman story was also stand alone. The Avengers will be awesome and it will be time to start thinking about a real Justice League movie.


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Rooney Mara. Yes. Rooney Mara as Batman, not Batgirl or Batwoman. Batman. It's an alternate identity, so why can't her secret identity be different gender if she won't talk that much? If Batman can have tiny radar lenses that fit in his helmet and move on their own, I wouldn't care if she used a voice changer. That's my choice and I'm sticking to it.



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I actually think Ray Stevenson form Punisher War Zone. I think he would be perfect for a more gritty and dark Batman, for instance if they did a movie versoin of Arkham City.


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I think they should do a more batlike batman(with a real batlike face more scarry), mmmm Sam worthington comes to mind, a more raw down to earth Batman, a totally new suit, reintventing it like they did with Batman Begins, but this time back to the Mystical idea...not the realism, like we've seen in "Bail's Saga", we've seen how close Batman could come to a real thing , beautifully created/come to live by Nolan....No it's time to go back to the Comicbook style Batman, maybe "Frank Miller" should be the next director or Tarantino, Rodriguez...

Creating a new type of batman, but with still the comic feel to it, like we missed with Nolan.

Villains would be...

-a very poetical Joker character like ....a British actor like Steve Cougan, or others like Doug Jones, or Steve Buscemi as a very Psycotic, mean, serious Joker

other villains I would like to see come to life, The Mad Hatter, Penguin, maybe King Tut or even the bookworm, Manbat, Clayface or The riddler (a better one than Carrey, he overdid his version way to much)

To put in other words, a very dark Batman but with still the old Bob Kane feel to it.....or maybe some Alan Moore ideas.
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